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Every Chai Has A Story Because Chai & Good Times Go Hand-in-Hand !!!

Tea is the most widely consumed prepared beverage on Earth. There is nothing as refreshing and relaxing as a steaming cup of tea and one can’t completely experience India without witnessing its chai culture. India produces and consumes more tea than any other country in the world.

Chai is ubiquitous in India, served literally on every street corner. There is another façade to the Tea culture in India, chai is more than a trend. It is an integral part of the rhythm of life. Yet somewhere along the line, this rich heritage of chai addas was lost and & quot; Chaa & quot; took a backseat - taken over by the multinational coffee chains, suddenly chai was no longer the beverage that we bonded over. But times have changed,people are rediscovering its love affair with chai.

Chai story was born in 2015,with the focus to bring back our love of tea and give due respect back to our beloved tea. We believe every chai has a story to tell and the memories of those stories are cherished forever.and to make that conversation a memorable one ,we leave no stones un-turned. We wanted to create a café or a tea room which has a relaxing ambience for our customers. We are very passionate about food and our teas.

At chai story, chai isn’t just tea, a hot drink made with water and leaves,We at chai story prepare their chai fresh all day, every day, using the rarest and purest of the ingredients. It is our priority to serve everything fresh to you,and this is why we have live kitchens and nothing is pre made in our café. Along with teas we are offering top quality food to our customers ranging from pizzas,burgers,sandwiches,pita pockets,waffles and many more.

We currently have six café’s across delhi in the following locations

~ Satyaniketan ~ Naraina ~ Green park ~ Rajendra place ~ Netaji sunbhash place ~ Connaught place

It is our constant endevour to expand ,with a focus to take our Indian brand out of international borders. Also in our pipeline,we plan to open tea lounges which would have bigger space with a more comfortable environment along with delicious food.

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